10 Animated Movie Endings So Bad They Ruined The Movie, According To Reddit

By | November 19, 2022

Whereas Pinocchio stays one in all Disney’s most beloved animated movies, Guillermo del Toro brings a brand new tackle the story together with his stop-motion model. Together with the modifications made by the movie, del Toro presents an ending to the animated movie that some followers could not have anticipated.

Though animated films are sometimes seen as providing crowd-pleasing endings, some have left followers disenchanted. Followers on Reddit expressed their frustrations with animated movies, classics like The sweetness and the Beast to trendy tubes like Frozenwho’ve been ruined by unhealthy ends.


The Aristocats (1970)

the aristocats

The Aristocats might not be as in style as another Disney classics, however there are many followers who take into account it an underrated gem. It follows a bunch of cats owned by a rich lady who’re kidnapped by the grasping butler in hopes of acquiring the lady’s inheritance.

A Redditor is especially aggravated that the lady decides to depart all her cash “to a bunch of cats” ultimately moderately than the butler who has served her for years. It is a totally different perspective on the movie that means the villain may have been the sufferer all alongside.

Frozen (2013)

Elsa sings Let It Go in Frozen

The most effective Disney Princesses is featured in Frozen with Elsa. She’s a younger ruler who flees her kingdom when her ice magic energy freezes every little thing. This results in the ultimate act the place Elsa and her sister Anna reunite after a strained relationship.

Redditor the daemons insists the ending feels prefer it “swept all different points below the rug in two seconds”. The relationships between the characters appear to be the precedence whereas all different occasions are nearly forgotten by the top.

The Incredibles (2004)

The Incredibles gathered in the street

Pixar has entered the superhero style with the acclaimed household journey The Incredibles. It follows a household of superpowered individuals who conceal their skills from the world to study to embrace their distinctive methods as a villain tries to wipe out all of the superheroes.

Redditor EarthExile takes problem with the movie’s supposed message that “effort and cleverness won’t ever trump pure expertise and blood”. It is a truthful conclusion to succeed in because the villain is an atypical particular person striving to be a superhero who’s thwarted by these born with particular skills.

The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

Pacha and Kuzco hug each other in Disney's The Emperor's New Groove

Though it did not make a lot of a splash when it was first launched, The Emperor’s New Routine earned a popularity as an underrated Disney entry. It follows an conceited and egocentric emperor who’s become a llama by his enemies and groups up with a easy farmer to show himself again.

Redditor MasterTiberius enjoys some features of the movie however admits that “the ending was actually rushed.” It is a story of the Emperor’s redemption and as soon as that is achieved, the movie appears to waste no time in ending issues whatever the excellent points.

Toy Story 4 (2019)

Woody and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

The primary three toy story the movies are hailed as a few of Pixar’s greatest. However with the satisfying conclusion of Toy Story 3some noticed it as a terrific film that did not want a sequel. toy story 4 finds Woody struggling to really feel wanted by the group’s new lady, Bonnie, whereas reuniting together with his misplaced love, Bo Peep.

Redditor DJColdCutz_ complains that the ending “goes instantly towards the message of the remainder of the film and actually, the remainder of the sequence.” Woody instructed Buzz within the first film {that a} toy’s greatest objective is to be there for a kid. Seeing him determine to depart Bonnie to be with Bo Peep seems like a rewrite of the character that not all followers settle for.

Pocahontas (1995)

Pocahontas with colorful leaves

Whereas there have been loads of forgotten Disney animated movies over time, the Nineteen Nineties had been a golden period for the studio. Pocahontas is taken into account a type of shining examples in telling the story of a Native American hero who meets and falls in love with a white man who comes on a colonization mission.

Redditor TT454 finds the ending “so lukewarm and abrupt”. The battle between the colonizers and the Amerindians is settled pretty amicably and with out too many issues. This hints on the downside with Disney making an attempt a household model of some a lot darker and convoluted moments within the story.

Sausage Social gathering (2016)

Still from the movie Sausage Party (2016)

Though animated movies are sometimes thought of household leisure, sausage get together is certainly not one thing appropriate for youthful audiences. The R-rated comedy follows varied meals objects in a grocery retailer who study that upon leaving the shop they are going to be eaten by people.

Following the comedy rebellion within the grocery retailer, Redditor Spyop13 suggests the filmmakers “had no concept how you can finish it” and made a shocking alternative. Ending the film with an prolonged, graphic intercourse joke was certain to be hilarious to some and pointless to others.

The LEGO Film (2014)

Lord Business looks evil in The Lego Movie

Though many thought the concept of ​​turning LEGO right into a film was a nasty concept, The Lego Film shocked everybody by being a intelligent and hilarious journey. It follows a mean employee who’s mistaken for a prophesied hero who can cease the evil lord from unleashing his weapon on the world.

Redditor SirHamhands finds it a “unbelievable movie a couple of kid’s creativeness” for getting in an sudden path. The LEGO is revealed to be performed by a younger boy with a controlling father and the extra melodramatic message took the enjoyable out of some followers.

Magnificence and the Beast (1991)

Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie

Though there have been many retellings of this story The sweetness and the Beast not solely stays one in all Disney’s most acclaimed movies, however can also be thought of one of many biggest animated movies ever made. The gorgeous love story between Magnificence and the Beast gives such a magical journey for the viewers.

Redditor WaywardChilton is disenchanted to see the Beast “flip right into a generic prince on the finish” to reside fortunately ever after with Belle. The transformation could possibly be seen as a contradiction to the movie’s message that magnificence is on the within.

Frozen II (2019)

Elsa on a water horse in Frozen II

Regardless of their recognition, it appears that evidently not one of the Frozen the movies caught the touchdown within the eyes of some followers. Frozen 2 finds Elsa getting ready to take over their kingdom whereas venturing into an enchanted forest to study the origins of her powers.

Ultimately, Elsa chooses Anna to rule as she stays within the Enchanted Forest, main Redditor Center-Platypus6942 to ask “apparently she will get alongside higher with water horses than her individuals?” With the primary movie devoted to reuniting Elsa and Anna and Elsa discovering her place within the kingdom, this ending considerably undoes all that progress.

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