Martin Scorsese and Jodie Foster

By | November 17, 2022

Principal filmmaker Martin Scorsese turns 80 on Thursday, November 17, whereas his “Taxi Driver” star and director Jodie Foster celebrates his sixtieth birthday on Saturday, November 19. These are simply the most recent milestones reached by the well-known duo.

Let’s check your information of their lengthy and sometimes intertwined careers within the movie trade with the next quiz.

1. “Taxi Driver” was the second time the 2 labored collectively. Scorsese had beforehand directed Foster during which 1974 movie?

2. Martin Scorsese has amassed 14 Oscar nominations through the years, whereas Jodie Foster has gained 4. Who gained probably the most?

3. Infamously, John Hinckley Jr., the person who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan in 1981, did so due to his obsession with Jodie Foster and her teenage prostitute character in “Taxi Driver.” True or false, Hinckley is a distant relative of Martin Scorsese.

4. Each Scorsese and Foster have been honored with stars on the Hollywood Stroll of Fame. Who acquired theirs first?

5. Martin Scorsese as soon as taught future Oscar-winning writer-director Spike Lee at NYU. Lee then directed Jodie Foster in Which 2006 Film?

6. Foster starred in Nineties “Catchfire” for co-star and director Dennis Hopper. Which of Martin Scorsese’s frequent collaborators has an uncredited supporting function within the comedy-drama: Harvey Keitel, Scorsese’s mom, Catherine Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio or Joe Pesci?

seven. Scorsese is legendary for his critically acclaimed gangster films. Which non-Scorsese gangster film was Foster’s fast follow-up to “Taxi Driver”?

8. Scorsese and Foster virtually labored collectively in one other movie, however the interval piece’s 20-year journey on display in the end triggered the actress to surrender. Identify the 2002 film.

9. In 1992, Foster gained an Oscar for “The Silence of the Lambs” from the earlier yr. On the similar ceremony, his “Taxi Driver” co-star Robert De Niro was named greatest actor for the third time in a Martin Scorsese movie. what was that?

ten. Martin Scorsese got here to Albany and Troy in 1992 to shoot “The Age of Innocence”. Which of its lead actresses, Michelle Pfeiffer or Oscar nominee Winona Ryder, had been first alternative for an iconic function in one other director’s movie a couple of years earlier, however turned it down as a result of the script was ‘evil’ , paving the way in which for Jodie Foster to take the function?

1. “Alice would not reside right here anymore”
2. Foster gained two Oscars, each lead actress statuettes for “The Accused” and “The Silence of the Lambs.” Scorsese solely has one to guide ‘The Departed’.
3. False, however based on a number of family tree websites, Foster and Hinckley are as soon as distant ninth cousins. However Hinckley’s household tree is seemingly linked to many well-known individuals, together with, surprisingly sufficient, Nancy Reagan.
4. Scorsese acquired his star in 2003, Foster in 2016
5. “The Man Inside”
6. Joe Pesci
seven. “Bugsy Malone”
8. “New York Gangs”
9. “Cap concern”
ten. Jonathan Demme solid ‘Married to the Mob’ main girl Michelle Pfeiffer as FBI agent Clarice Starling in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, however she turned him down as a result of within the film ‘evil has ended up successful.”