Which NBA teams should face off on Christmas Day?

We have reached the scorching days of the NBA offseason. The draft has passed, the fun part of free agency is over, and the trade market is currently frozen in light of the sagas of Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell hitting dead ends. The closest thing we’ve had to news on the pitch this week came from Yahoo… Read More »

The Recorder – Environmental advocacy, mixing music at the second annual “Honoring the Land” gathering in Turners Falls

TURNERS FALLS – Dozens of people packed Peskeomskut Park to listen to live music and heed environmental messages during Saturday’s second annual “Honoring the Land” gathering, the cool air and mild temperature a reminder of what the climate activists fight to preserve. Overall, organizers have sought to build on their tradition of advocacy against large-scale solar projects that… Read More »

Top 10 Anya Taylor-Joy Movies, According to Metacritic

With a lead role in Robert Eggers The man from the north earlier this year, as well as upcoming appearances in both The menu and amsterdamAnya Taylor-Joy is one of the biggest stars of this generation. At just 26, she’s made a name for herself as a magnetic screen presence, elevating every movie she’s been in. Since her… Read More »

In sports or business, teamwork wins the championship

Once upon a time there was an enterprising businessman who had a fantastic idea. He thought he had found a way to build the perfect automobile. He hired a team of young engineers and told them to buy one of every car model in the world and take them apart, picking out the best part of each car… Read More »

Best Voice Performances in DreamWorks Animated Films, Ranked

Since its inception, direct competition with Disney films with its first releases such as Antz, The Prince of Egypt and The road to El Doradoto his work in creating some of the world’s most successful film franchises, including shrek, How to train your dragon, boss baby, Trolls, Madagascar and kung fu panda, DreamWorks Animation managed to leave an… Read More »

The 7 best new movies on Netflix in August 2022

The scorching days of summer are upon us, where there is little you can do but turn on the air conditioning and slump on the couch. It’s actually an acceptable option, especially given the quality of the lineup of new movies on Netflix. While there aren’t any truly great Netflix Original movies this month (although Jamie Foxx’s vampire-hunting… Read More »

The magic of music – Times News Online

From time to time, I go for a short vacation. I don’t have to take clothes and I don’t need money. When I leave, if I look in the mirror, I see a woman who is not even trying to be young again. I realized the futility of this years ago. But when I arrive at my vacation… Read More »