NBA rumor roundup: Emerging Warriors star is on Orlando Magic’s radar, Kevin Durant and James Harden are back on good terms, and more

Not much has happened in the NBA offseason so far. No team is making any significant moves, all expansion talks have been halted, and fans are desperate for basketball action. To calm agitated basketball fans, the league has revealed the ringside ceremony schedule for opening night. The Lakers led by LeBron James will visit the hunting center and… Read More »

The film sets up a sequel and spinoffs

In The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie, the Heroes in a Half-Shell had to dig deep to stop the threat of the Krang siblings. The aliens have come from the Prison Dimension, with their Technodrome, to mutate New York and take over the world. Luckily, the Bickering Turtles, or as Raphael called them, the… Read More »

A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC at the Barrington Stage Company

At the start of the 2022 season, which had been announced as artistic director and co-founder, Julianne Boyd’s finale at the helm of Barrington Stage Company, the award-winning theater in downtown Pittsfiled, I had the good fortune to sit down and talk with him spoke about his experiences developing the company which, in 27 years, has become one… Read More »

10 Most Beautiful But Deadly Movie Islands

Tropical islands are among the most popular vacation spots for tourists, and it’s no wonder why. There is plenty of sunshine, friendly people, vast white sand beaches, crystal clear water and exotic wildlife. What’s not to like? RELATED: The 10 Ultimate Summer Movies, Ranked Thus, many films also take place on islands, tropical or not. Sometimes, however, these… Read More »

NBA: what will Rudy Gobert’s interior offensive spacing look like?

The Minnesota Wolves have undergone massive changes in the 2022 offseason, and it’s worth wondering how exactly that will all play out for Minnesota in 2022-23 as they look to build on a promising year. Every week from now until the start of pre-season in October, I’ll write about one specific thing for each potential rotation player that… Read More »

Disney teases potentially permanent NBA experience replacement

The NBA Experience at Disney Springs opened in August 2019 to much fanfare. The basketball-themed virtual reality experience replaced DisneyQuest and appeared to be the start of a long-term partnership between Walt Disney World Resort and the NBA. Credit: Disney Related: NBA Legend Michael Jordan Walks Disney Safely At the time, an official blog post said: Amid cheering… Read More »

Bands With Perfect Music For Season 5 Of Stranger Things

In the half-dozen years since its inception, stranger things has proven to be a major pop culture influencer. From Eggo waffles to Dungeons and Dragons, the show has helped shape a number of cultural trends. But where stranger things really left his mark was in his use of music. Ever since Season 1 put The Clash’s “Should I… Read More »

The first and possibly weirdest WWE movie of all time

Whereas WWE has often opted for the safe and easy option in recent years when it comes to business and creative decisions, this wasn’t always the case. Vince McMahon often took risks when it came to making WWE stand out, trying something new in order to find additional success and notoriety. The company dabbled in filmmaking with WWE… Read More »