The best movie thieves

By | November 16, 2022

Thieves in films are often portrayed as villains, however there have been a number of exceptions. Some movies function thieves as protagonists, and whereas they could appear sketchy at first, they usually have a sound cause for what they do. Nonetheless, some thieves commit theft only for the enjoyable of it.

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A thief can take many varieties relying on the film he is in, however essentially the most memorable ones often method their occupation with a plan in thoughts. Whether or not they’re aiming to infiltrate a dragon’s lair to steal a magical jewel or hoping to rob a financial institution would not actually matter so long as they obtain their purpose or fail in model.


7/7 Harry & Marv – Residence Alone (1990)


Alone at house paperwork the lifetime of a younger boy named Kevin McCallister who finally ends up being left behind when his household goes on a visit to Paris. He spends a number of days celebrating the disappearance of his household, however issues go awry when his home turns into the goal of two skilled thieves. Harry and Marv are likely to rejoice the vacation season by breaking into properties belonging to individuals they know have gone on trip.

Throughout the opening of the movie, Harry disguises himself as a policeman and goes to the McCallisters to see what their plans are. When he learns that they’re leaving for Paris within the morning, he begins to hatch a plan to rob their home. Though his try to reap the benefits of the household’s absence fails when he and Marv fall sufferer to the traps Kevin has arrange, the Moist Bandits stay amongst cinema’s most memorable thieves.

6/7 Luke Glanton – The Place Past the Pines (2012)

The Place Beyond The Pines is Ryan Gosling at his stoic best

Earlier than the occasions of The place Past the Pines, Luke Glanton, performed by Ryan Gosling, lived a comparatively peaceable life. He labored as a motorbike stuntman in a carnival however selected to stop that job after discovering out he was a father. He stays in Schenectady together with his ex-lover, Romana, and son, Jason, however struggles to outlive with out a job.

He finally lands a job as an auto mechanic, however he struggles to get by on the wage he receives. He asks his boss, Robin, to offer him extra work, however Robin is unable to. As a substitute, Robin reveals to Luke that he was a financial institution robber. He goes on to ask Luke if he can be fascinated by becoming a member of him in some heists, which Luke obliges. Though Robin finally stops robbing banks, Luke turns into hooked on it and is unable to cease.

5/7 Frank Abagnale – Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Leonardo diCaprio-catch-me-if-you-can

Frank Abagnale was raised by a criminal and was due to this fact at all times destined to be one. He ran away from house after his mother and father divorced, however he did not get very far with the cash he had. To outlive, he began scamming individuals and taking their cash for himself.

Frank’s downsides had been small at first, however he slowly started to hunt larger and higher rewards for his actions. He solid and cashed numerous checks to take care of his prison life-style. Sadly for him, Detective Carl Hanratty was always on his path. On the finish of Catch Me If You CanCarl convinces him to lend his forgery experience to the FBI, which Frank has obligated himself to.

4/7 Danny Atlas – Now You See Me (2012)

Now You See Me 2013

Now you see me follows the story of a gaggle of illusionists often called the 4 Horsemen, led by Danny Atlas. The group usually places on exhibits for his or her followers, however filling the viewers with pleasure just isn’t their fundamental purpose. As a substitute, Atlas and his crew use their expertise to rob the wealthy.

Atlas spends nearly all of Now you see me utilizing his skills within the phantasm to trick the rich into parting with their cash. Like Robin Hood, he usually redistributes the cash he earns to members of the general public, however has been identified to pocket some for himself as properly.

3/7 Dom Cobb – Creation (2010)

Dom Cobb in Inception

Dom Cobb, performed by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a famend thief with a captivating expertise. He can infiltrate different individuals’s minds and extract data utilizing dream-sharing expertise. Sadly for him, his previous actions have made him a prison, however Saito affords to clear his identify if Dom does him a favor.

Saito wants Robert Fischer, the son of his largest competitor, to dissolve his father’s firm. As a substitute of asking the younger man to grant his request, he employs Dom Cobb to infiltrate his thoughts and plant the concept there himself. Dom dangers every little thing to plant that thought in Robert’s thoughts, however he lastly succeeds.

2/7 Danny Ocean – Ocean’s 11 (2011)

Danny Ocean in Ocean's 11

Danny Ocean, performed by George Clooney, doesn’t hesitate to prepare his subsequent theft after his launch from jail. He meets up together with his outdated buddy, Rusty Ryan, and informs him of his plan earlier than heading to Las Vegas to place his plan into movement. There he receives funding for the operation from Reuben Tishkoff, a former on line casino proprietor who needs to see Terry Benedict undergo.

Danny spends the remainder of the story constructing a crew of extremely expert thieves. Though Terry suspects Danny is planning to rob him, Danny stays one step forward of him always. In the long run, Danny and his crew handle to trick Terry into sneaking into his secure disguised as a SWAT crew earlier than fleeing with all of Terry’s cash.

1/7 Bilbo Baggins – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

the hobbit bilbo baggins

After being compelled by Gandalf to go on an journey, Bilbo Baggins embarks on a journey to the Lonely Mountain within the firm of 13 dwarves. He lacks the fight expertise crucial for this endeavor, however Gandalf insists the dwarves want him to reclaim their stolen house.

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Bilbo reaches the Lonely Mountain throughout the sequel, The desolation of Smaug, and learns his true cause for leaving the Shire. The dwarves selected to carry Bilbo as they believed solely he may infiltrate the dragon’s lair and retrieve the Arkenstone, also referred to as the Coronary heart of the Mountain. Not solely does Bilbo achieve engaging in this process, however he additionally holds the stone for a lot of The Battle of the 5 Armies.

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